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Richard Adams portrait

Richard Adams

This is Richard Adams. He’s a traveling tattooer and a truly unique artist. Drawing influences from the occult, BDSM, satanic imagery, and dark fantasy; Richard has spent his 10 years of tattooing experience refining his style and becoming a master at pulling beauty from the darkness. 

This wicked soul has been adorning bodies with the strange and beautiful all along the west coast, guest spotting in parts of Washington, Nevada, and California. 

Richard can offer you a tattoo experience you’ll carry with you to the grave. He never fails to tailor each tattoo to every individuals' needs. From the flow of your body to the design brought into this realm from the outer darkness, Richard truly can prove that the devil’s in the detail.

I look forward to hearing your ideas. Let’s make some art Seattle! If you have any questions, feel free to message me directly and I’ll send you my booking guidelines and disclaimer. Cheers!

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